About us

Your premium partner

RVS-CAT is a newly created company as a result of more than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing food process equipment.

We know how important hygienic design, quality and reliable deliveries are for the complete supply chain. Therefore RVS-CAT is your premium partner in stainless steel solutions for food processing equipment.

After working for more than 3 decades in the food industry, we have decided to offer our passion, dedication and knowledge in designing, manufacturing and assembling of all sort of stainless steel assemblies and constructions to the industry.


Knowing the quality level required in the industry makes communication easy. At RVS-CAT we only work with experienced professionals out of the field. The full focus on only stainless steel materials makes us the expert and your premium partner.

Know how

RVS-CAT has special know-how in making frames, plate work and pre-assemblies of different constructions. We are familiar with Sanitary design, EHEDG, FDA norms and European regulations.

Short delivery times

We are working with local suppliers focussing on producing the components and constructions with the shortest delivery time. With one of the busiest logistics routes from south to north, delivery costs are a minimum of the total costs with a very high frequency.


The people in Catalonia have a very similar mentality to most Northern Countries in Europe. Working hard, quality orientated and are reliable when making agreements. This is also the Core Values of RVS-CAT.

Low Cost

The lower cost is often the higher motivation to outsource your production. The further away the location, the lower the cost should be.



From design to full manufacturing drawings. We help you to optimize your system.


Our qualified and skilled workers are offering cutting, bending, rolling and welding. From small standard jobs to complicated unique special request. We can do it.


We support you in developing a proto-type up to assemble the complete system.